The cyclorama

The cyclorama2017-05-22T04:52:34+00:00

190m2 of wraparound white

It’s impressive. Everyone who walks into our cyclorama is surprised at the size and magnitude. It’s just perfect for those who need a large space with a white infinity wall wrapping around 180 degrees through left, back & right. The floor dimensions are approximately 7m x 9m.

This space has been successfully used by bands for music videos, tai-chi instructional videos, dance groups and more. It is also well priced for your smaller production if you prefer to work with plenty of space around you for all your equipment, cast and crew.

Truss & hoists

A professionally rigged truss allows you to light this expansive space from above with ease. At 7 metres in length, it spans nearly the entire width of the cyc. Its maximum height is 5.2 metres.

Its two Prolyft PLE-10 hoists have a lift capacity of 250kg each. They are fully tested & inspected annually by Design Quintessence.